This Month in Movies: February 2016

Bringing back one of my favorite monthly blogs: Month in Movies. 

I never stopped keeping lists of the films I watch month to month. It's become possibly my favorite hobby, keeping track of films, and I love being able to use IMDB to create not just monthly lists but also a "master list" and a "favorite films" list. If you're curious about the movies I love go ahead and click the IMDB link in the banner. 

Deadpool (R) (2016): I have been looking forward to this film for many years. I have also worried that my expectations for this film would be so high that I would inevitably be underwhelmed. That didn't happen. Deadpool exceeded all expectations. Used it's hard R rating in the best ways, and surprised throughout. 10/10 would watch every day. 

About a Boy (PG-13)(2002)*: I have seen About a Boy so many times I've lost count. Possibly the only film I've seen more times than About a Boy is Hot Fuzz. That says a lot. 

Railway Man (R)(2013): Phenomenal. Instant add to my "Favroite Films" list. True story of a WWII British POW who was held captive, forced to work for, and tortured by Japanese soldiers in Thailand. Emotional in all senses of the word, and superbly filmed and acted. (Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, and Stellan Skarsgard)

Meet My Valentine (TV-PG)(2015): Terrible made for TV movie. Watched on Netflix because a terrible made for TV movie sounded pretty good that night. Main character consistently makes terrible choices. 

The History of Future Folk (NR)(2012): Okay, so I watched this two nights in a row. Wonderful low budget indie film about an alien who comes to Earth, with the mission to destroy humanity so his species can live here and escape their doomed planet - but he discovers music instead and starts a one man folk act. 

The Face of Love (PG-13)(2013): another stellar cast - Annette Benning, Ed Harris, and Robin Williams. The first time I've seen a Robin Williams film since his death... it was unintentional that it took me this long, but also surprisingly emotional to see him on a screen. The film itself was filmed beautifully, but I feel like the ending was rushed, and certain dialogue/plot moments could have been smoother. 

China Moon (R)(1994): '90s crime/cop/conspiracy/romance. That was a genre in the '90s. I swear. 

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